RHI reforms 20 Sept 17

The regulations were made on 29th August 2017 and laid before Parliament on 30th August 2017. The amendments are due to come into force on 20th September 2017.


The regulations can be found here: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2017/857/regulation/8/made


Included in the regulations are:

  • Non-domestic
    • the alignment of the different tariffs available for small, medium and large biomass in the Non-domestic RHI with revised tiering for all sizes of plant.  This includes changing the tiering threshold from 15% to 35% of heat load for small and medium biomass and introducing a 35% threshold for large biomass; the new tariffs are as expected – see table below
  • Domestic
    • increases to biomass and heat pump tariffs in the Domestic RHI; the new tariffs are as expected – see table below.
    • the introduction of heat demand limits for biomass and heat pumps in the Domestic RHI; – see summary below


–          Domestic


Below is a summary of the new tariffs. Except for solar thermal, the technology-specific tariffs are increased. (note that these are slightly higher than the tariffs proposed in the Government response to the RHI reforms consultation due to inflation)

domestic rhi tariff
Domestic RHI tariff

The new tariffs and heat demand limits in the Domestic RHI will apply to all new applications submitted on or after 20 September.  Any biomass or heat pump applications submitted since the consultation response on 14 December 2016 will have their tariff uplifted to the new tariffs from 20 September.


The calculation of deemed annual heat generation has been amended by introducing technology-specific limits (demand caps). These are at 25,000kWh for biomass, 20,000kWh for ASHPs and 30,000kWh for GSHPs.