Reformed RHI for 2017

Support Levels

The tariff for new ASHPs will be increased from 7.4p to 10.02p/kWh
The tariff for new GSHPs will be increased from 19.1p to 19.55p/kWh
The tariff for new biomass installations will be increased from 4.21p to 6.44p/kWh
The tariff for solar thermal will remain at 19.74p/kWh

The response to the RHI consultation was published by the department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on 14 December 2017. This note contains the headline changes to the scheme relevant to the technologies but readers should download the full document for all the details of both the domestic and non-domestic schemes.

The increased tariff for biomass boilers and stoves, ASHPs and GSHPs will be applicable to those participants who apply to the scheme on or after the date on which this document is published, though the increased tariffs will only apply from the date the regulations come into force (Spring 2017). Participants will receive the existing tariffs for heat used (on the basis of either deeming or metering) before this point.

In addition, there is window for the next few months in which installations can get the higher tariff (but paid only from the entry into force date) but without heat demand limits, which will only be applied from entry into force date and will not be retrospective. Under these circumstances, the applicants will continue to receive the whole out at the new rate throughout the balance of the 7 year period.

The biomass tariff is a return to the level available between October and December 2015, adjusted for inflation.

All the tariffs will also be adjusted in line with the Consumer Price Index on 1 April 2017.

Heat demand caps will be introduced from Spring 2017, to limit the level of annual heat demand in respect of which any household can receive support. The limits are as follows:

ASHPs – 20,000kWh/pa
Biomass – 25,000kWh/pa
GSHPs – 30,000kWh/pa
However, this will not disqualify properties with higher heat demands from applying to the scheme, but they will only receive payment on heat up to the relevant cap. There will be no cap on solar thermal

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