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Solar Photovoltaic in Scotland- The simple and cheap power of the sun

Contrary to what many people believe, solar powered energy in the UK is an excellent choice for the domestic situation. Thanks to modern a Solar PV installation, electricity can be generated without the need for direct sunlight and even works well on cloudy days.

Highly efficient cells convert daylight into electricity, which can be very usefully utilised to run household appliances and lighting.


After the initial cost of installation, overall electricity costs will be reduced as the Solar PV cells generate cheap, green electricity year-round for your home.

And not only will you cut your electricity bills, you will also receive a payment through the government’s Feed-In Tariff scheme, which pays out for the electricity you generate, even if you use it. On top of this you can sell surplus electricity back to the grid.

The best irradiance is on the east of Scotland but we have many years of experience installing solar pv in difficult and shaded locations- give us a call to discuss.

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Cut your carbon footprint- solar pv scotland

Another bonus of a Solar PV system is that the electricity produced is green, renewables energy and doesn’t release any harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) or other pollutants. A typical home solar PV scotland system could save more than a tonne of CO2 per year, which is more than 30 tonnes over its lifetime. (EST figures Jan 13)

Check out the Energy Saving Trust’s Solar information including a useful Solar energy calculator for estimating the income and savings you could receive from the domestic Feed-In Tariff scheme.

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