Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

An air source heat pump will take heat from the external air and increase it to a usable temperature for a property. They are generally used for space heating and sometimes for hot water.

Air source heating can be connected to an existing central heating system, however, alterations are often needed, and they are best to work with underfloor heating.

Generally these are best suited to a property with high levels of insulation and air tightness. We would like to do a site survey and full set of calculations before recommending a heat pump.

We recommend anyone looking at new heating should take a look at the Energy Saving Trust website. Air source heat pump prices depend on your requirements for a new cylinder and so on but are in the region of £8-11k for a typical install. The domestic RHI will typically repay that amount in 4-6 years, and then you likely have energy savings on your bill as well with air source central heating.

Our preferred products are NIBE and Daikin.

NIBE air source heat pumps

The NIBE air source heat pump range consists of the new NIBE F2040- 8, 12 and 16kW for residential use or the F2300-20kW for commercial use. The monobloc outdoor units that are particularly suitable for domestic buildings and are superb with the new VVM indoor unit - it is a nice tidy install (see our case studies).

NIBE are from Sweden and as such are a proven design even down to -20'C. Great effort has been made to create a wide range of combinations suitable for the UK, with special attention has been given to minimising the noise level. In Particular F2300- 20 kW is one of the quietest units available on the market. The maximum temperature is 58ºC so it is important to use good design and low flow temperature distribution such as underfloor heating for efficient running.

For more information for the NIBE air source heat pump please get in touch using the form.

Daikin air source heat pumps

The Daikin airsource heat pump range consists of a full range of split, monobloc, hybrid and high temperature outdoor units. The split unit is one of the highest efficient units on the market and has a an indoor hydrobox to give a neat and space efficient solution that takes up not much more space than a couple of kitchen units. Daikin have the option of a high temperature flow up to 80'C, however, you always get the best out of your heat pump with a good design and trying to operate it at lower flow temperatures.


For more information for the Daikin air source heat pump please get in touch using the form.


Case Studies

Case Study 12kW NIBE ASHP Glasgow

Case Study 2 x16kW NIBE ASHP Glasgow

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