Biomass Servicing

Do you have a log boiler, pellet boiler or wood chip boiler in need of a service or some TLC? We service and troubleshoot biomass boilers to help you get the best efficiency from your system. If you are getting error codes or everything is running perfectly and you just want an annual service, get in touch and our engineers can get you booked in.

You should maintain your boiler to make sure that you are getting the most heat and using as little fuel as possible. Maintaining your biomass boiler ensures the highest possible efficiency and as such results in greater savings.

The burning of any fuel in a biomass boiler produces by-products of ash and tar. Over time these build up, acting as an insulator and preventing heat from transferring properly from the boiler to the water, making the boiler less efficient over time. This is significantly reduced by cleaning your boiler regularly and making sure that you are burning good quality fuel at the correct moisture level.

An annual biomass service will:

  • Allow your boiler to run most efficiently
  • Minimise the fuel required
  • Reduce running costs 


We service and maintain many biomass boilers including:

  • Biotech Biomass Boilers
  • Domusa Pellet Boilers
  • ETA Log, Pellet and Woodchip Boilers
  • Fröling Biomass Boilers


froling glasgow biomass
eta biomass glasgow
domusa glasgow biomass
biotech glasgow biomass

… and more, if your boiler is not listed get in touch and we will either be able to work with you or advise you on who can help you. 


Servicing includes:

  • Cleaning and checking all seals and air flow
  • Checking moving components for wear
  • Inspecting metal parts for cracks and faults
  • Sweep flue
  • Clean fuel store (must be run down before visit)
  • Clean and lubricate chains and feed systems
  • Boiler calibration 

If your boiler is not running to the best it can, we will advise on how to remedy it, if parts are required we will let you know and if they can be installed there and then we will do so, if they need to be ordered we will do so and arrange to come back as soon as possible to get your boiler working well quickly. 

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